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A quasi-academic look at Feminism, politics & race relations through the lens of a 20-something year old Nigerian American who was born & raised up in the (still) segregated south but has relocated to the "liberal" yet historic & traditional north.
This blog is my space for an interdisciplinary examination of race, gender, class, sexuality - all things intersectional & multi-dimensional.
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It’s more about HOW and WHY something is used than that the trope or character element is there. While the latter is important, the former really shapes ideas.

We get more representation of marginalized identities in TV and Film. But then, they play really harmful tropes and, naturally, it gets analyze and criticized. Response is always “well if they didn’t have these characters you’d be mad anyway.”

For example: EVERY TIME someone says ANYTHING about Disney and race, there is always the “but the had Tiana, Jasmine and Mulan, what more do you want?”

Which is basically saying “well you wanted more people who look like you on TV, and now you want to complain because it paints you in a light you don’t agree with?”

Once in an African American History class the professor (more or less) asked if Hattie McDaniel was wrong for being proud of being a black woman who won an oscar because she played Maids. Everyone ignores the white male executives that make up the academy. The casting call flyers that specifically ask for white actors only. The fact that they even hire white actors to play figures that historically, were people of color.

Yes, in this case, we are allowed to get it both ways. This shouldn’t even be a discussion.

we have to defend our right to see characters that look like us on TV, at the same time justifying why we’re allowed to have a say on how we are portrayed.

No, but seriously.

I’m at the point where I’m constantly noticing random POC in TV shows. But they’re always

1) random “in one scene and will never be seen again” types or
2) the token POC who seems to just be there to be there or
3) recently there’s been a trend of POC in TV having affairs with other white characters.

The last point strikes a strange cord with me. The short answer is just, as a black woman it’s hard to see the first black people I get to see on TV exclusively dating nothing but white people. Yes black people who date non black people are real and yes that is their choice but I can’t ignore that the only way I can see Meagan Good Kerry Washington and even Mindy Kaling on TV is when they’re in relationships with white men. And now I’m watching House of Cards and *spoiler alert* the one black male character I know of so far is *surprise* in a relationship with white woman.

Let me be clear, the reason why it makes me uncomfortable goes beyond the surface. From the way I see it, this relates basic stereotypical notions of black sexuality in the white gaze. Who is the sexual conquest in these situations? What tropes do the writers draw from when they make these connections? It’s not just the affairs that bother me, but the context and execution.

Because I’m basing this off my experience of binge watching House of Cards today I’ll based my explanation off the show. In season 1 I felt like there was a lack of female characters talking to each other in a way that didn’t either 1) discuss other men and 2) pit them in competition with another.

Now I’m beginning to see more female relationships, but relationships across POC Are actually non-existent. There seriously needs to be more work done about this across all TV. I can’t continue to settle for the random background POC who never show up again.

While I will admit that it brings me brief joy to see a random woman with glorious natural hair to walk into a scene, it makes me angry to feel grateful for the silver screen version of table scraps.

This POC bechdel test needs to happen soon and I’ll be excited when it picks up. I’ll continue to thinking about what it means and how to make it real..,

Pop culture is a window into our lives and, while clumsy, USA Today did hit on something of a phenomenon. Representation of non-white people has increased, and it is noticeable because of how utterly abysmal it was before. “Scandal,” the show of the moment, earned its star the first Emmy nod for a black woman in 30 years. In the case of “Sleepy Hollow,” an interracial duo fights crime and monsters to win one of the hottest premieres of the season. Its producers credit the chemistry of its stars. But major press outlets forget to mention Nicole Beharie, the black female lead, at all. The omission is made more glaring by the fact that the overall diversity of the show has been one of its selling points.
I remember posting this once and getting into a massive “debate” with a Canadian about how ignorant & racist I was for saying that TV was still racist when they saw all TYPES of diversity on TV - apparently.
People get SO MAD when you point out racism on TV as if i’m about to come to their house and put them on house arrest for watching shows or something.

I remember posting this once and getting into a massive “debate” with a Canadian about how ignorant & racist I was for saying that TV was still racist when they saw all TYPES of diversity on TV - apparently.

People get SO MAD when you point out racism on TV as if i’m about to come to their house and put them on house arrest for watching shows or something.

Has anyone else been keeping up with Scandal and Deception (both on Hulu)? I have and while I love both shows… they are thought provoking on so many levels. I love that this article has been written:

What stands out about both shows is that aside from having black leading ladies another similarity between the shows is Olivia and Joanna’s relationship with a powerful white male. These relationships are parallel in that they are both extremely flawed and complex.  Olivia is essential the president’s mistress and Joanna seems to be just a resurfaced old fling of rich party boy Julian Bowers.
In a day where everyone wants to believe that black women aren’t wanted by men of any color, especially white, this is monumental.  While these relationships are extremely flawed Scandal and Deception both prove that black women are desirable… within limitations.
While having black women star on two prime-time network dramas at the same moment in time is a huge step in elevating black womanhood, the limits on the Olivia’s and Joanna’s relationship with the white men they are involved with can be seen as analogous to black women not being good enough for white men in general. 
I am not condemning the shows because the black women are not the only objects of affection in their white male significant other’s life.  That’s how life goes.  Black women in television should not be afforded perfect lives just because they are black.  It’s good that these characters have flaws and obstacles in their lives; it gives them more than one dimension and makes for interesting TV. But unfortunately it does cast a negative haze on the progress that these shows are making.
Anyone else have thoughts??
Want to know something really hilarious and weird? Not every 25-year-old woman you meet on the subway is going to be a die-hard Lena Dunham fan. Or Mindy Kaling fan. Or Tina Fey fan. Just because someone writes about how much they love pizza and hate having to interact with boys does not mean we all signed some flaming contract with the devil to love them unconditionally. Some young women love watching Miranda July movies, some don’t. We may be a target demographic, but we’re not all crying ourselves to sleep every night until they inevitably reboot the Sex and the City franchise. Assuming all young women automatically like the same thing only reveals what you actually think — that we don’t operate as individuals.

Though Catalogue - 10 Things You Should Never Say To A Woman In Her 20s |

I had to post this. They took the words directly out of my brain. I always have to awkwardly avoid conversations with people who know I’m a feminist who want to immediately talk about 30 rock or parks and rec or the mindy project. Sorry, I can’t keep up with the latest middle class enlightened comedies out there. I respect the fact that women are taking a bigger portion of the comedy pie, but…

But no young, talented woman experiencing a rush of success can avoid the inevitable backlash. After the release of the New York cover story, Kaling has become the subject of much internet ire, with bloggers and TV critics calling her a variety of adjectives: smug, too self-satisfied, cocky, “the human equivalent of a retweeted compliment.” But women are supposed to be self-deprecating! How dare she feel confident about her career achievements?

does one exist?

The attack on public sector workers is an attack on public services… Worker’s rights is a human right.
North Carolina union organizer Saladin Muhammad via Up W/Chris Hayes
pretty goes with everything!
This Aerie commercial that just aired. yeah, not entirely convinced…

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Melissa Harris-Perry on Voter ID laws being a new Poll Tax. Ive been meaning to post about Voter ID because it affects my home state of Texas. Harris-Perry covers it well.

I don’t have a TV or cable so i’m definitely going to be utilizing this website to watch all my favorite MSNBC shows live, but for right now I know y’all want to see that MHP. It comes on at 10AM ET/9c Saturdays and Sundays

According to her twitter, today’s show should be “Discussing the politics of sport, African diaspora & the rise of the black chef.

Seriously - what happened to the 90s? In the first 5 seconds I see a black man as “superman” someone standing up for the dignity of WOC, and MORE than two young people of color of stage at the same time.

The more I see Nickeloeon play 90s favorites, I just lament on how GOOD diversity was done in the 90s and how we *know more* now but are doing so much worse on a larger scale when it comes to representation.

Children were the future and we fucked shit up

Basically white men who go around to random countries and judging their food through the most western lens possible.

Shows like Bizarre Foods (which I’ve watched for years honestly, just because I’m weird and like to watch people eat food…) is actually really condescending. The host, Andrew, just goes around and either mocks the people for the strange food that they eat, or act like him eating the food is the stamp of approval. It doesn’t matter that the fact that an entire country/culture is built off of these food staples - they’re already marked “bizarre” by the show title. Or he’ll go to a family’s house that doesn’t speak English and awkwardly eat their food/have condescending commentary on the food they eat on a daily basis. OR he will literally tell people to their face how foul/disgusting/not good something is. But he’d say “but I defend your right to eat it!” a if that erases the stigma you placed on their way of life.

No reservations with Anthony Bourdain: I’ve actually haven’t seen this for too long, but i still find it interesting. He goes to other countries and comments on their food as if his stamp of approval is needed. Don’t get me wrong, I bet the families, markets, restaurants that feature these shows get much needed exposure and business because of it. I’VE been to a restaurant just because I saw it on travel channel (man vs food) BUUTTT that doesn’t mean I can’t comment on the context. There was one episode where Anthony Bourdain was on Columbia and was amazed at how GREAT the food was. And was telling this one restaurant how their food is so amazing. Maybe it’s because I live on Texas and know Colombians and know S. American food is amazing - but I was just like “well… Duh columbian food is good as hell”. But I couldn’t help but notice how these places aren’t recognized has true culinary hot spots until *certain people* validate their existence.

Man vs. Food: just makes me want to eat everything…

Edit: except when I see him eat peppers. Like, my family keeps habanero peppers in the freezer and he *literally* regards them as grenades … #nigerianproblems

I’m not one of those “these women are shaming the race” people. Cause there are shows that feed on drama and scandal for every race. But when for WOC, there is ONLY these type of shows. So I understand the frustration. But people like watching drama. That why soap operas were in business for DECADES.

But I guess the subject matter of Love & Hip Hop this season hits too close to home for me. It makes me to upset when I watch it. To think that the apex of diversity on TV is concentrated in shows like this and NOTHING ELSE just goes to show that the perceived flaws “endemic” to our community is put on blast while the rest of ‘normal TV’ is extra sanitized?

This trend is nonsense.