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A quasi-academic look at Feminism, politics & race relations through the lens of a 20-something year old Nigerian American who was born & raised up in the (still) segregated south but has relocated to the "liberal" yet historic & traditional north.
This blog is my space for an interdisciplinary examination of race, gender, class, sexuality - all things intersectional & multi-dimensional.
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Posts tagged "gendered racism"


Shut up.

Not the point.

If you honestly think that, you are NOT paying attention are literally put you “OMG black people are complaining” filter on when you began to read the critiques. Which says enough about you…

It’s about white women using their voice, power and privilege to ONCE AGAIN frame misogyny as a product and tool of rappers and hip hop.

It’s about white women who are using their voice, power and privilege to erase the WOC who have thoughtful and widely ignored writings on the subject of hip hop because why acknowledge that people directly affected by/a part of hip hop culture have brains and opinions worth consulting before declaring yourself the savior of ignorant hip hop consumers.

And even if the video had fucking PURPLE people it would still be about white women using their voice, power and privilege to frame people (especially WOC) who consume, enjoy and dance to hip hop as brainless and begging to be objectified, assaulted and abused and juxtaposing them to smart, elegant, poised and self respecting Lily Allen.

Lily Allen: using black bodies to “Parody” misogyny (but only when it involves white women associating with black culture. NO OTHER MISOGYNY EXISTS Y’ALL)

I saw a headline “Lily Allen pokes fun at Robin Thicke as she parodies sexist hip-hop videos in comeback promo for Hard Out Here

It’s HILARIOUS because this article continuously reference NON-BLACK PEOPLE, even though black bodies were the central PROP used to make her point about the horrors of disgusting hip hop culture.

Black women already came down on Miley for her appropriation of twerking and use of black bodies - and it seems like Allen is coming at her from the viewpoint of Miley’s pearl cluthing aunt. How dare you give self respecting pristine young girls the idea that they should soil their bodies and sink down to this senseless ass shaking and twerking?

and there’s even a part where they say “Twerk it: Lily Allen in the video for new single Hard Out Here which details the challenges faced by young women living in a post-Kardashian sex tape era.

It’s literally a cautionary tale for white women about the dangers of hip hop and how it will lead them to a shameful fall from grace. Black women are too ignorant to be saved, so don’t get sucked into their cesspool of misogyny and dis-respect.

While black people are upset at Cyrus and Thicke for appropriating & misrepresenting hip hop - Allen is offended and disgusted at the mere thought that they would associate themselves with hip hop culture. Yes she is doing a parody - but the joke is ON black bodies. The message? “you want to degrade yourself by associating yourself with this nonsense and dancing like these brainless sluts?” (which she actually says - 'I don't need to shake my a** for you because I've got a brain')

More on the exotification & hypersexualization of black men. Imagine being a black man who has to deal with the fact that most women they encounter are going to impose these ideals on to them and expect nothing more than them to be this hyper-aggressive, sexual object. When you cross cultural lines, gender power structures can definitely work the other way…


Asian woman was at the counter. Boss was talking her up, probably thought she was cute (he flirts with a lot of young lady customers. Or just lady customers, really). Later he said she had the personality of a mule (because she didn’t flirt back, probably. She wasn’t joking around. To me she just seemed like she wanted her stew and garlic bread) and then said “she’s probably off to her job at the massage parlor”

Be careful ladies - everyone knows that you’re required to flirt back with anyone who intends on bothering you during your brief lunch break or you’re AUTOMATICALLY a terrible person.

ugh - racist sexism asshole!

What a stereotype is at base, is something that is deeply dehumanising. One minute you are walking down the street, with full of awareness of how you are a human being with thoughts and feelings and dreams and a family and a life. The next minute, all someone has to say is something like “Asian women are well known throughout the world for their exotic beauty and sensitive nature” or “Black women are kinky freaks” and suddenly, you stop existing as a human. You only exist as part of someone else’s two-dimensional vision of you; a vision that really has nothing to do with who you are, or how you are human.