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A quasi-academic look at Feminism, politics & race relations through the lens of a 20-something year old Nigerian American who was born & raised up in the (still) segregated south but has relocated to the "liberal" yet historic & traditional north.
This blog is my space for an interdisciplinary examination of race, gender, class, sexuality - all things intersectional & multi-dimensional.
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Posts tagged "gender matters"
It’s Time We Talked About Chris Brown’s Crazy Mom

Tracie Egan Morrissey at Jezebel

Has this made the rounds yet? (I have deadlines so haven’t been able to check Tumblr much for the past few days). But in any case, have we forgotten Tracy Traceee Traicey Tracie “I will ban a WoC just for misspelling my name” Egan Morrisey’s hipster and not so casual racism? 

And now, of course, totally devoid of context, she takes it on Chris Brown’s mother. A woman who, by many accounts, was a victim of domestic violence herself. The irony of Jezebel running a very popular piece about hipster racism (which, unsurprisingly, had been appropriated from elsewhere) and now this piece about a WoC’s “mental health”.

ETA: And the comments are setting my head in flames: “She didn’t do her best to raise him, she failed as a mother” etc etc. Good grief, this is what passes for feminist discourse?!

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This article is actually extremely condescending. You’re taking someone’s twitter feed and going over it in a hyper critical “lets laugh at how delusional and unelegant this clearly uneducated woman is.”

ITS TWITTER. I always have a problem when people take to criticizing HOW people say things & the language they use. Its like calling someone ignorant with a wink and a nod. They never say the word “unintelligent” but they might as well. That’s the whole joke.


Lesley Arfin, one of the writers of HBO series Girls, on Twitter.

I suppose this is a joke? Is this how she deals with commentary about the lack of diversity in the show? I am baffled, someone throw me a rope!


so there is a show about women in New York City that has no POC. It gets critiqued because in 20-fucking-12 its kind of embarassing to not put serious thought into the fact that you present day NEW YORK CITY as an all white venue in TV show. A problem we see time and time again where the people in power erase those who aren’t them. It goes without saying that this is a LEGITIMATE CRITIQUE.

And one of the writers of the show, instead of saying “yeah, we honestly didn’t think or care about this, we were really just focusing on our life & reality, which involves excluding POC from the world of NYC" or even "audiences don’t care if the cast is diverse and we would rather market the show to the mostly-white HBO audiences anyway" - you know, some honest shit that I can at least say "yeah, that sounds about right". instead she comes back with a non-sensical attack/retort? On a LEGITIMATE CRITIQUE THAT A 3 YR OLD CAN MAKE?

at least its nice knowing that the people who make the media that we all consume could honestly give a fuck about how they represent America falsely and will just demean you and insult you if you point it out. at least they can’t use the “it was an accident” excuse anymore…

“Misandry” may be the most efficient word in the English language. In just one word it condenses the self-denying assholery of “I’m not a racist, but …” with the misogyny of “All women are bitches,” throwing in a free persecution-complex bonus

Cracked, of all things. Seriously. Cracked is now doing better on gender politics than Tumblr. Just sit with that for a moment.

(NB: The rest of the article contains some of the same problematic stuff that’s in most Cracked columns, and for the love of all that is good, DON’T READ THE COMMENTS!)

(via redlightpolitics)


Jezebel snarks and condemns Jay-Z for his “change of heart” about the use of the word “bitch”. From the article:

You’re 42 and you didn’t know that it’s not all about you?” And in that vein I’d like to direct an eye-roll in the direction of Jay-Z, also 42, after he wrote a poem to his newborn daughter Blue Ivy stating that he’ll no longer refer to women as bitches in his song lyrics. Because it was totally fine before, apparently.[…]

While positive change is great and all it’s still a few hundred shades of irritating that he wasn’t smart enough to realize this before he had a child. So excuse me if I withhold my slow clap.

Yet, the guy who actually writes for them, who built a freaking career on exactly this narrative of change and redemption after doing ostensibly worse stuff than calling a woman names, does get a free pass and is sold as “valuable” and “a necessary voice”?

because i can’t leave this topic alone…


You know the new iPhone Siri that leads people to an anti abortion center? We always talk about the fact that there are so few women in technology related jobs and then we have to hear the usual excuses and how well, obviously women are not good enough, etc. Well, this is exactly what happens when a field is dude dominated.

Because I can almost assure you that some dude googled about it and created the app with the first result that popped up (an anti abortion center). The more women (and no, one token lady won’t do) who are involved in the entire life cycle of product design (from the initial brainstorming, to the actual design, programming, testing, etc etc), the less chances that something like this happens. Not because women are geniuses but because then the product would cater to the needs of more people and not just the bro dudes who design it.

The same can be said about the role of people with disabilities, non White people, etc. This is an excellent and concrete example of why diversity, in every field, matters.

Well, this is exactly what happens when a field is dude dominated.



Content warning for threats of violence. From the article:

A Voice for Men, one of the most influential and popular Men’s Rights websites, is now offering a $1000 “bounty” for anyone able to track down the personal information of several Swedish women involved in a tasteless video advertising a theater production based on Valarie Solanas’ SCUM manifesto. As the anonymous poster calling himself John the Other – the second-in-command at AVfM – put it in a posting yesterday (emphasis in original):

We are asking for the full legal names, home addresses, places of employment, email addresses and contact phone numbers of the women and man who produced and starred in the video described above. We will pay 1000 dollars to any individual who provides and confirms this information, to be paid either directly to themselves or to a charity of their choice.[…]

John explains that this information will be posted on the AVfM-affiliated site, an “offenders database” that is being used to vilify individual feminists and “Fuck Their Shit Up,” as AVfM head honcho Paul Elam likes to put it. John notes that also intends to post the “government identification numbers [and] drivers licences” of the women they are able to identify.

John admits plainly that posting such information may put the physical safety of these women at risk from vigilante violence. As he puts it (emphasis mine):

Some individuals may criticize the intent to publish not only names, but also addresses, phone numbers, employers and other personal information – on the grounds that such exposure create a risk of retributive violence against individuals who openly advocate murder based on sex. It is the considered position of the editorial board of AVfM that any such risks are out-weighed by the ongoing hazard to the public of these individuals continuing to operate in anonymity.

More at the link if you can stomach it.


I was very angry when I wrote this post. If I hadn’t been angry, probably it would be called “This week in Racist Feminism News”. But that would have been another post. This one is FULL OF CAPS AND YELLING AND INDIGNATION. Because I have spent the past week pondering if I can call myself a feminist at all when certain portions of mainstream feminism allow disgusting racism to happen under their watch. When they then misappropriate WoC achievements as their own. And a whole lot of other disgust.

Oh and there is a lot of cursing in addition to the ALL CAPS ANGER. And you know what? I am fine with that.

great read! Click through to read the rest

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