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From racialicious:

This week,Bunheadscreator Amy Sherman-Palladino, ofGilmore Girlsfame,responded to criticism made by Grey’s Anatomy creator Shonda Rhimesabout the lack of diversity on Sherman-Palladino’s new series about ballerinas with this exact argument:

“I’ve always felt that women, in a general sense, have never supported other women the way they should…I think it’s a shame, but to me, it is what it is.”

Sherman-Palladino, who says she has never met Rhimes before, went on to say that with the increased demands on showrunners–particularly while getting a new program on the air–there’s no room for criticism among peers. “I wouldn’t do it. I wouldn’t go after another woman. I, frankly, wouldn’t go after another showrunner,” she said.

Showrunner-to-showrunner professional courtesies aside–think how awkward running into each other in the ladies’ room at the Emmys will be!–Sherman-Palladino’s assessment of the situation, not to mention her assertion of victimhood, is utterly facile and self-serving.

This hits personally for several reasons,

1) I have friends who are WOC (shout out!) and Ballerinas who are constantly being told and made to feel like they dont belong in that feild. STILL. in 2012. Because Ballet is one of THE MOST elitist forms of dance and WOC are either told they don’t have the body, class status or refinement to be considered serious dancers. Her show is an example of the serious prejudice ballet dancers of color face.

2) Why do people who make TV shows act like these choices aren’t CONCIOUS. You know what you’re looking for when you cast actors so don’t act surprised when people notice your deliberate white washing. Just be honest and say how you feel “I didn’t think people would believe a ballet dancer who was a WOC and I wasn’t willing to push that misconception/prejudice”

3) I agree that the victimhood of the creator is disgusting and tired. Notice how its “how dare Shonda not support ME.” When the fact of the matter is she made a conscious choice to alienate non-white audiences by making her cast the ways he did. Even in her BAD choices she feels that she is entitled support from a community that she ignores and alienates. what kind of crack infused recipe of sisterhood is she using? oh wait, the one that most women in her position shove down our throats when we have to hold them accountable.

This episode, what would you do if you see a sketchy “photographer” guy try to convince a few young girls that they can be supermodels… as long as they go back to his house…

the second experiment was also done in a restaurant - in NY as a same sex couple is getting engaged, one of the patrons makes homophobic, hateful remarks. The experiment is to see who actually says something to this guy who starts harassing them

interesting experiment done in a restaurant with actors on the patrons. What would YOU do?


“Work It” is bad, y’all. Rullllll bad. Maggie Furlong on just how wack “Work It” is:

When a show is as bad as “Work It,” and you truly have nothing nice to say about it, it often feels like you should just follow that old adage and not say anything at all. But that’s not my job. (Sorry, Mom!)

If you somehow haven’t heard about this horrific new show, the fine folks at HitFix, IGN TV, Variety, Zap2it and Entertainment Weekly, among many others, have all tried to articulate exactly how bad it is to great success; Gawker even claimed that “Work It” could be the worst television show in history.

I’m currently sitting in class and we’re discussing reality TV and how the fuel stock stories and scripts about race. Someone pointed out that The Bachelor like… never has black people on it. I never watched the show (probably cause I can sense that they don’t care about my black ass) but still had one of those “really? In the history of the show? Let me look this shit up” kind of moments.

Found this article:

not one sista in the whole entire bunch. Not a one. Not even a Hispanic chick. There was one Asian woman, but she totally freaked out poor Jake with her bizarre Vietnamese flirting, like she was Linda Blair in The Exorcist speaking in some demonic tongue. The over/under on her, btw, is not pretty.

The same glaring absence occurred on last season’s “The Bachelorette,” where Jilted-Jillian Harris had all sorts of guys—businessmen, artists, teachers…even several colossal assholes— to choose from, but not one black dude. And only one Hispanic, Juan the Argentinian, but the only outwardly Latin thing about him is his name. Can’t recall for sure, but I don’t believe there was even a token Asian guy.

So what the heck is happening over there at ABC? Why the obvious conscious decision to keep the showlily white all of a sudden? Is there not even one smart, strong confident black woman that could’ve been vying for Jake’s attention? Not even one successful, intelligent black man for Jillian? And I say this with a huge grain of salt, and a heavy dose of sarcasm, as the mere ethnic tokenism of these two shows over the years is insulting in and of itself. Out of 25 candidates, you’d think at least 20-30% would be black, Hispanic and Asian. Simply having one never made ABC inclusive.

Hmm… nice to know. Though, I think i’m more surprised that this white male author felt the need to use the word “sista” than the fact that ABC doesn’t believe African American candidates are worthy of being on The Bachelor. But hey, I hope the author enjoyed his cookies…

Does anyone even still watch the show? 

Too long didn’t watch? That’s unfortunate, because it was humorous. [bear with me on this analysis]

But basically its this

Everyone hates greedy unions

Consensus among some right wing pundits that we need to lower the corportate tax rate in leu of these greedy unions.

Companies like General Electric don’t pay ANY taxes, in fact that got additional money from the government.

question: how do you lower the tax rate from… nothing?

Here’s why this video upsets me. Every 3 months there’s a new political issue that pits middle class Americans against poor Americans. Middle class Americans get their taxes raised because the poor need things like healthcare, jobs, planned parenthood, PBS. The media then proceeds to encourage a class war (especially during the healthcare debate.)

But NO ONE stops to notice that while middle class Americans are getting taxed more then ever, the highest 10% of Americans are becoming richer and richer. The wealth disparity in the country is disgusting and real people are suffering, while we’re cutting valuable things from our budget that can be covered by simply reversing the Bush era tax cuts that the republicans fought for (while letting unemployment benefits expire.)

Seriously, where is the mother fucking revolution already?

Oh wait, because half a dozen CORPORATIONS owns the mainstream media, including General Electric that owns NBC universal… we’re not likely to hear about this…


i hope my angry musings educated SOMEONE…