new wave feminism

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A quasi-academic look at Feminism, politics & race relations through the lens of a 20-something year old Nigerian American who was born & raised up in the (still) segregated south but has relocated to the "liberal" yet historic & traditional north.
This blog is my space for an interdisciplinary examination of race, gender, class, sexuality - all things intersectional & multi-dimensional.
Feminism the way I see it...

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Sometimes they are hesitant to speak, thinking they are only “little people.” “I don’t know why anybody wants to hear my history,” an Irish maid said apologetically in 1990. “Nothing ever happened to me worth telling.”

But their stories are worthy. Through their stories, the people who have lives America’s history can help all of us understand that Americans originated from many shores, and that all of us are entitled to dignity.

Ronald T. Takaki “A Different Mirror”
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