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the next disney princess might be plus-sized

all the other disney princesses are gorgeous and role models for young girls (well, as good of role models as cartoons can be), but i think this girl is just as beautiful, and maybe even a better role model because she represents the average woman

the average american woman is a size 14, and i think it’s time we all start embracing and acknowledging that; the earlier young girls can see that we all come in different shapes and sizes, the sooner they can establish body peace

i think it’s a great idea for disney to start showing even more diversity than they already do :)

Why do they have to mess with everything :(

Disney girls are what they are. I don’t want them to be fat, lesbian bi, deformed or anything else just to cater to the world’s demands. The girls are iconic for everything they are now. Don’t fix what isn’t broken.

Are you kidding me right now? I can’t even formulate a coherent argument against such bigoted stupidity.

Just… shut UP.

My attempt to formulate a coherent argument against such bigoted stupidity.

No one’s trying to change the princesses we already have. They’re lovely, iconic characters. But new princesses shouldn’t be carbon copies of the previous ones; that would take away from their impact because it would pale in comparison to our iconic princesses. Even the princesses we have now have changed over time. Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and even Cinderella were passive and lovely princesses waiting for a prince to save them (though Cinderella at least worked up the nerve to go to the ball). Belle and Ariel were dreamers who made real their dreams of traveling to someplace entirely different from where they’d lived their whole lives. Jasmine and Mulan were headstrong and fought against the limitations set upon them by society. And I’m pretty sure Tiana opened and managed her own restaurant despite living in a time when being both African American and a woman made it almost impossible to accomplish. Snow White could have cooked, sure, but she could never manage a business. If they somehow lost their magical fortune and needed to, I guarantee Snow White’s prince would have made all the decisions while she was content to cook and clean all day long.

So Disney princesses have already evolved based on women’s place in society, and I believe they have changed for the better. Belle and Mulan are my personal favorite princesses. How many people do you know who enjoy Sleeping Beauty as a character? Or can even remember her name? I had to look it up to check that she’s Aurora. If keeping up with one aspect of the changing view of women over time can not only maintain but also improve the character of Disney princesses, then addressing other issues can easily do the same. The princess in this image, for example, is no less beautiful than the other princesses. She has a different type of beauty, sure, but Snow White and Jasmine have different types of beauty.

Art reflects life. Our princesses have become more assertive because women have stood up for their rights. Our princesses thus far have not “cater[ed] to the world’s demands.” They have shown us what the world looks like, how women are expected to behave in it based on the time when each princess was created. Creating a plus sized, lesbian, or handicapped princess would not cater to anyone either. It would merely reflect our growing acceptance of all women, not just the pretty ones who clean house for their husbands and keep their mouths shut.

And maybe, just maybe, it would provide young girls with the role models they need to realize it’s okay to be who they are because they are beautiful in their own right no matter what.

All I can say is, THIS.

what ridiculousness on my dash today…

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