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A quasi-academic look at Feminism, politics & race relations through the lens of a 20-something year old Nigerian American who was born & raised up in the (still) segregated south but has relocated to the "liberal" yet historic & traditional north.
This blog is my space for an interdisciplinary examination of race, gender, class, sexuality - all things intersectional & multi-dimensional.
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I’m trying to compile a list of feminists that stand at the forefront of the movement but only perpetuate more harmful stereotypes and erase intersectionality.

But as you can imagine… google does a terrible job at providing me with the type of critiques I’m looking for. So I figured I might as well crowd-source and ask people what feminist did they once look up to but realize was not looking out for you? Everyone has that “I bought all her books & watched that documentary she made and wound up being terribly disappointed” story, or that “I don’t understand why everyone likes this person when they erase my reality” story.

  1. cryptohomorocker answered: I would say Betty Friedan counts. Her works basically apply solely to white middle class straight ciswomen, but apparently no1curr.
  2. smell-bad answered: Has no one said Valerie Solanas?
  3. haramgirls answered: kathleen hanna, mona eltahawy, mary daly. i’m sure i could think of more but i’m tired.
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  5. katelucia answered: Inga Muscio was really disappointing for me.
  6. lettersforlilith answered: Maybe you could ask historycalslut on tumblr, she did women’s studies and vents her critiques on her blog sometimes so yeah.
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  8. comma-spliced answered: Ariel Levy. Let’s slut shame to appease the patriarchy!
  9. saveacandytree answered: Cherrie Moraga
  10. dolmache answered: Caitlin Moran.
  11. cometuramen answered: kathleen hannah
  12. whygender answered: just out of curiosity, what is the goal of making this list? (this is not sarcasm or criticism; i’m genuinely curious of the end goal.)
  13. lavienoire reblogged this from talesofthestarshipregeneration and added:
    Germaine Greer? Ugh. Amanda Marcotte.
  14. screeching-measel answered: I’m still a baby in the feminism game so I don’t really know :/
  15. anotherwordformyth answered: I would so totally take a course based on that kind of list. “Relearning Feminism” or something.
  16. solong-gaybowser answered: I’m still learning how to find problems in work. I feel like my schooling never taught me how to critically think about material….
  17. raspberryfeministbarbie answered: naomi wolf misrepresents ed’s in the beauty myth, terrible fudging of statistics
  18. eatyourfudgetrev answered: Geremaine Greer OBVIOUSLY and Caitlin Moran definitely, having read her book.
  19. glitter-femin1sts answered: Jessica Valenti. Lacks intersectionality. Also, Gloria Steinem is a huge trans*phobe.
  20. zanzoobamagdoos answered: nawal el saadawi. the way she constructs arab women’s oppression is impt for arab women but in western academia fuels orientalist bullshit
  21. daughterofmulan answered: I mean Jessica Valenti acknowledges that her earlier works were not intersectional; her latest works do incorporate intersectionality.
  22. whichwitchery answered: Betty Friedan. She only focused on white, middle to upper class women and said horrible homophobic things about lesbians and LGBTQIA persons.
  23. thisrevolutionwillbespoopy answered: Jessica Valenti lacks intersectionality.
  24. dinocopter answered: Gloria Steinem has this awful transphobic essay in her book that made me vomit.
  25. morerobots answered: GERMAINE GREER. but that’s obvious. Cathy Brennan (anti-trans), Naomi Wolf
  26. musingsfromalazymind answered: Gail Dines is transphobic but is often seen as a feminist pioneer due to her anti-porn stance and being a WS prof.
  27. bacteriocyte answered: Caitlin Moran. Her ‘how to be a woman’ book is just FULL of sideye bullshit
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    Gloria Steinem. Susan Brownmiller That poet who just died and is hella transphobic: Adrienne Rich Jessica Valente
  29. bananapeppers answered: Melissa McEwan (Shakesville)
  30. seulmates answered: does this list include “old” feminists (like who may not be alive rn)
  31. ghostferry-archived answered: Amanda Marcotte. Great at american politics, really crap at class and race.
  32. crystalsavestheday answered: Naomi Wolf def
  33. sailorstarengineer answered: To be honest, Nicki Minaj. She says a lot of things I agree with, but she doesn’t always represent what she says she stands for.