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A quasi-academic look at Feminism, politics & race relations through the lens of a 20-something year old Nigerian American who was born & raised up in the (still) segregated south but has relocated to the "liberal" yet historic & traditional north.
This blog is my space for an interdisciplinary examination of race, gender, class, sexuality - all things intersectional & multi-dimensional.
Feminism the way I see it...

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I love for this list. Here’s a truncated version of the list - some points seemed self explanatory while others I added in quotes. But I highly suggest going back and reading the full article because they actually go in depth with analysis and commentary.

#5. They Still Can’t Show a Black Man Dating a White Woman (Unless That’s What the Whole Movie Is About)
Think for a minute about the last time you saw a black guy with a white woman in a mainstream movie. OK, now take away every single movie where they’re using that relationship to preach to us about racism.Now, think about the last time you saw a white guy get it on with a black lady 
#4. Only the Pretty Girls Are Allowed to Live

#3. Movies Are Still Weirdly Prudish About Some Subjects
the MPAA seems way more likely to give a movie an NC-17 rating for sexual content when the woman is shown enjoying herself a little too much. The movie Boys Don’t Cry was originally threatened with an NC-17 rating because a female orgasm went on too long, and because a female character was shown wiping her mouth after performing oral sex on another. Meanwhile, around that same time Scary Movie got an easy R despite a woman being plastered to the ceiling by a blast of semen.

#2. If It’s a Blockbuster, the Star Better Be White (or Will Smith)

Quick: name a horror movie where one of the good guys is black. Well, hell, that’s easy. One of the ship’s crew in Alien was black, and some of the soldiers in Aliens. Danny Glover was the cop in Saw, Carl Weathers was one of the squad in Predator. Lawrence Fishburne in Predators. Hell, there are lots of them.

Now count how many of them survived to the end.

Pointing out that black characters die in movies isn’t even clever anymore — it’s the kind of obvious, trite joke that bad movies make about other bad movies. But, inexplicably, it keeps happening.

#1. We Still Don’t Care About History That Doesn’t Involve White People
the movie pretends to be about the triumph of a minority character, but instead spends all its time talking about the white people who save him. Like in The Blind Side, which was supposed to be about Michael Oher, a poor black kid who ended up being adopted by a wealthy white family and going to college on a football scholarship. The movie is, of course, all about the white family. Michael Oher is just a thing that needs to be taken care of, not an actual character.

In real life, there’s a fair amount of controversy regarding Oher’s path to college, but the movie edits all that out because white people are perfect. They even add a scene where Sandra Bullock faces down a gang leader on his own front porch, in front of his peers. Which not only never happened, but is also pretty insane considering that she’s addressing what is supposed to be a member of the Gangster Disciples.

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