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A quasi-academic look at Feminism, politics & race relations through the lens of a 20-something year old Nigerian American who was born & raised up in the (still) segregated south but has relocated to the "liberal" yet historic & traditional north.
This blog is my space for an interdisciplinary examination of race, gender, class, sexuality - all things intersectional & multi-dimensional.
Feminism the way I see it...

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What did you think of the sociology minor?
newwavefeminism newwavefeminism Said:

I enjoyed learning about society, history & culture from many different angles. Honestly though, I took as many womens studies & africana studies courses as I did sociology - but my actual soc credits were the ones that met the requirements to be labeled as an actual major on my transcript


Something I did tonight because this post made me so angry

#colorism #frenchgirlsapp #racism #art #blackwomen

Kat Blaque 

yeah I just downloaded that app, now ima delete it…

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I'm a feminist who has marriage on the horizon. As such, I've been worried about how I can keep true to my beliefs without thumbing my nose to tradition, as it will be a traditional ceremony with family and friends. Any ideas?
newwavefeminism newwavefeminism Said:

I’m very against the “marriage traditions get you kicked out of the feminist club” rhetoric. Do what makes YOU comfortable. Envision what you want out of this day and fulfill that vision. Don’t do something because others pressure you to, but don’t feel like you need to explain yourself or feel guilty if you choose to include something. If you’re worried about family, tell them that they aren’t paying for a wedding planner and to mind their business…. (jk, but actually). First, plan the wedding you want, then you can begin to look at the extend that your “ideal” wedding strays from the “traditional” one. Once you start seeing things concretely, you can begin to action plan how to message or plan for the things that you think will come up.

I know this was a non-answer, but the choice is ultimately up to you - but if you have more specifics and want to follow up - feel free!



tbh all the white ppl i know who truly understand racism to the best of their ability, have never asked me “do you hate white people???”

cause they actually listened to me and figured out that i hate white supremacy, not individual white people for simply being white

That and they went beyond the kindergarten, sentimentalist understanding of racism and race relations.

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The [three-fifths compromise] richly rewarded the southern states, artificially inflating their House seats and electoral votes and helping to explain why four of the first five presidents hailed from Virginia. This gross inequity was to play no small part in the eventual triumph of Jeffersonian Republicans over Hamiltonian Federalists.

Ron Chernow, Alexander Hamilton

Kidnap people, separate them from their families, murder and rape some of them, then use them to preserve your own political power. This is the Jeffersonian way. 

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The depth of isolation in the ghetto is also evident in black speech patterns, which have evolved steadily away from Standard American English. Because of their intense social isolation, many ghetto residents have come to speak a language that is increasingly remote from that spoken by American whites. Black street speech, or more formally, Black English Vernacular, has its roots in the West Indian creole and Scots-Irish dialects of the eighteenth century. As linguists have shown, it is by no means a “degenerate,” or “illogical” version of Standard American English; rather, it constitutes a complex, rich, and expressive language in its own right, with a consistent grammar, pronunciation, and lexicon all its own.

Douglas Massey and Nancy A. Denton, Chapter 6: “The Perpetuation of the Underclass,” p. 162 (American apartheid: segregation and the making of the underclass)

As linguists have shown, it is by no means a “degenerate,” or “illogical” version of Standard American English; rather, it constitutes a complex, rich, and expressive language in its own right, with a consistent grammar, pronunciation, and lexicon all its own.

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Nigerian Americans for the win! I'm a queer Nigerian woman who was raised in the US. I love your blog..
newwavefeminism newwavefeminism Said:

Thank you!

What do you think of womenagainstfeminism? Have you checked out their tumblr page?
newwavefeminism newwavefeminism Said:

I haven’t checked it out before just now I notice a lot of (irrelevent) women who don’t understand feminism or even grasp the intersectional realities of female oppression. From the looks of the faces, it seems like the submitters on womenagainstfeminism probably also think anti-racism work is unnecessary too.

i was just curious what your thoughts on camille paglia and her work are, if you have any? thank you!
newwavefeminism newwavefeminism Said:

I’m not familiar with her, but from what I can gather from a few searches I don’t think I’m  fan

I really like your blog. I'm currently a biology major for pre vet and I just took up a minor in legal studies. Your blog is really enlightening and inspiring. Thank you. :)
newwavefeminism newwavefeminism Said:

Appreciate it! =)

Asker Anonymous Asks:
I don't think you've ever opened a textbook in your life and you don't directly answer direct questions. Good job.
newwavefeminism newwavefeminism Said:

you’re being silly


Gonna keep a tally of messages I get from a) white feminists completely proving my point and b) people who think this comic proves feminism is worthless because I criticized one part of it. (Even despite me writing these words underneath the comic.) Then I’ll add them all up, see which column has more, and then drink myself to sleep either way.

Haha… this is why we can’t have nice things.



"When I got into the music industry a majority of female artists I’d seen were trying to regurgitate an ideal of the female image. They were trying to be almost a replica of what was popular. I just found that to be very boring and dishonest. I just wanted to be in control of my clothes. I wanted that choice. That’s the only thing that I’m saying. Women should not be marginalized. We shouldn’t play into the sexism." - Janelle Monae [x[

Once again for the people who insist on using Jane as the mascot for their respectability politricks and bullshit. Just seen some clowns trying to use her to tear down Rihanna the other day. Cut that shit out.

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Great blog! Are you in college? If yes, what are you studying?
newwavefeminism newwavefeminism Said:


I graduated in 2012, my major was Government, Minor Sociology