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A quasi-academic look at Feminism, politics & race relations through the lens of a 20-something year old Nigerian American who was born & raised up in the (still) segregated south but has relocated to the "liberal" yet historic & traditional north.
This blog is my space for an interdisciplinary examination of race, gender, class, sexuality - all things intersectional & multi-dimensional.
Feminism the way I see it...

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Even though it might sound harsh and impolitic, here is the bottom line: if you don’t want to get shot, tased, pepper-sprayed, struck with a baton or thrown to the ground, just do what I tell you. Don’t argue with me, don’t call me names, don’t tell me that I can’t stop you, don’t say I’m a racist pig, don’t threaten that you’ll sue me and take away my badge. Don’t scream at me that you pay my salary, and don’t even think of aggressively walking towards me. Most field stops are complete in minutes. How difficult is it to cooperate for that long?

LAPD officer Sunil Dutta, writing 100% seriously in a WaPo op-ed entitled (I kid you not) “I’m a cop. If you don’t want to get hurt, don’t challenge me.” (via hipsterlibertarian)

The sense of entitled, sadistic, “moral disengagement” by the police is truly disheartening. How can they build trust in a community they are using for their role-playing FPS fantasies?

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I’m reading the article now and it’s frightening in its disconnect. We’re the good guys, “So know your place, don’t exercise rights you actually have and therefore I won’t be obliged to harm (and or kill) you.” 

What jars me about the stance is, if a person treated his neighbors or family this way without the backing of a badge, these same cops would be called within a instant because…he or she would have been using threats and force to bludgeon others into coercion.

This officer’s justification is more terrifying than fascinating because according to him, with great power comes the right to not have that power commented on, Or else. . 

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"Waste of good ammo. It’s my privilege to buy you a replacement box."

"All self-respecting whites have a moral responsibility to support our growing number of martyrs to the failed experiment called diversity."

"I thank all Police, you are the ‘Thin Blue Line’ protecting normal Americans from aggressive and entitled primitive savages. America is surely at the tipping point."

Just a few quotes (in case it’s hard to read) from that collection of donation messages for Darren Wilson.

Does anyone else want to say it’s not about race?


Members of the Asian American community at UC Davis are taking a stand in solidarity with the people of Ferguson and their continued struggle for survival in the face of police brutality. All black lives matter.

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what a difference 50 years can make

or not

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This is a summary of college only using two pictures; expensive as hell.

That’s my Sociology “book”. In fact what it is is a piece of paper with codes written on it to allow me to access an electronic version of a book. I was told by my professor that I could not buy any other paperback version, or use another code, so I was left with no option other than buying a piece of paper for over $200. Best part about all this is my professor wrote the books; there’s something hilariously sadistic about that. So I pretty much doled out $200 for a current edition of an online textbook that is no different than an older, paperback edition of the same book for $5; yeah, I checked. My mistake for listening to my professor.

This is why we download. 

Spreading this shit like nutella because goddamn textbooks are so expensive. 

Signal Boast

saving for glory, reblogging for justice.

Scan, share, give away your old text books. Do whatever you can to keep these greedy jerks from making their obscene profits at the expense of our ever-deepening debt.

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
U know, I really need feminism because once, I was walking in the hallways at school with my boyfriend and we came across another kid who we need to talk to... So I was standing there and my bf was next to me, AND HE FUCKING PUT HIS ARM AROUND ME!!! I PUSHED HIM AWAY AND RAN STRAIGHT TO THE SCHOOL OFFICE AND REPORTED HIM, BUT THEY SAID HE DID NOTHING WRONG!!! I then went to the bathroom and this guy dropped his books or some shit and I kicked him for oppressing me... Men are terrible creatures..
newwavefeminism newwavefeminism Said:

Who let this 5 year old that doesn’t understand actual gender oppression send me asks?


Renisha McBride’s Family Sues Convicted Killer For $10 Million

Monica McBride, Walter Ray Simmons

The family of Renisha McBride,  the young woman shot to death by Theordore Wafer when she stumbled upon his porch in Dearborn,Mi., has filed a $10 million wrongful death lawsuit against the recently convicted murderer.

The McBride’s family attorney, Gerald Thurswell, filed the lawsuit on behalf of Monica McBride and Walter Ray Simmons, citing counts of assault and battery, negligence, gross…

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
Did you see Jelani Cobb on Melissa Harris-Perry this weekend? He was talking about how one of the ways racism keeps elected officials all white is because states like Missouri don't allow convicted felons to vote, EVER AGAIN. He talked about a black man in Ferguson who was charged & convicted w/a felony after a fight in high school, and because of that one thing, he's NEVER been able to vote.
newwavefeminism newwavefeminism Said:

I haven’t seen it (I need to get back to watching MHP) but that’s absolutely correct. There are a lot of targeted and systemic methods in which the southern white political machine has continued it’s restoration style efforts to prevent African Americans from gaining any type of political and personal power

I’ll find it and post it!

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Potent minimalist art sends a strong message about police and vigilante brutality in America

Journalist and artist Shirin Barghi has created a gripping, thought-provoking series of graphics that not only examines racial prejudice in today’s America, but also captures the sense of humanity that often gets lost in news coverage. Titled “Last Words,” the graphics illustrate the last recorded words by Brown and other young black people — Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant and others — who have been killed by police in recent years.

Let us not forget their voices

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Asker Anonymous Asks:
I dont have a question to ask but, I personally love everything you post about not only feminism, but racial equality also. Anyone to give you shit about it doesn't understand what it means apparently. I support your blog 2,000%.
newwavefeminism newwavefeminism Said:

I truly appreciate it! I want to acknowledge that I’m sure (or should hope) that a good majority of the people who follow my blog are doing so because they either understand or are committing to try and learn as oppose to flexing their racist ignorance. (tumblr, on the other hand…) There are some these odd, vocal outliers that.. I’m assuming must hate follow me or something. 

I just hate letting such “subtle” and “covert” racism and anti-blackness slide when it enters my inbox. Expect to be put on FULL. BLAST.

It always catches me strangely off guard when someone seems to have followed my blog for some time sends me a message that is completely devoid of an ability or willingness to think critically about racism and institutionalized oppression. Like, how do you follow my blog and then feel surprised, upset when I discuss a racial issue? Like are you just here because my URL has the word feminism in it, yet you just close your eyes when my hundreds of other posts about race show up on your dashboard?

If you have an issue with my analysis of race and racism then I actually don’t have time, not want, you to follow me. The things I talk about here don’t even scratch the surface of the legacies of racism, oppression, genocide, and colonization into woven into my skin and ancestry. Racism isn’t a history, it’s not a past that we are trying to recover from. It’s a continuum that impacts is all whether you want to admit it or not. If you CANT EVEN HANDLE racism 101 and a basic understanding of how major events are linked to race, then you can’t handle even beginning to understand my life, my experiences and the things I’ve lived though as a result of the pervasive and stark realties of race.

You don’t deserve to be taken seriously.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Other than donating when able and just be vocal with support and keeping the story present in the minds of people around you, is there anything that you think white people who live far away from Ferguson can do to help? Sorry if this is something you're tired of answering things like this but I want to help but I live on the other side of the country and I don't want to overstep my bounds.
newwavefeminism newwavefeminism Said:

I posted something recently about what white people can do about ferguson, refer to that

Asker Anonymous Asks:
You do realise that it's possible to understand systemic and institutional racism, problems of overuse of police force in black neighborhoods (including racial profiling) and STILL think that in THIS SPECIFIC INSTANCE the violent incident had nothing to do with race?
newwavefeminism newwavefeminism Said:

You don’t understand systemic racism if you can say the ferguson shooting has nothing to do about race. Ferguson is one of the top ten most segregated districts in the country and the police department, as I’ve already shared and you continuously ignore, has a history is racial profiling.

You’re saying the same thing over and over and I keep providing facts - yet black people who talk about race are always labeled as “defensive” “irrational” and “inaccurate”

What are you fighting for? The “it’s mean to call people racist” campaign?